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Easy plant -Spider plant

Rédigé par Pascale Etienne


Publié le août 09 2021

Ok so, you need to have an easy plant to start your plant journey? “Something unkillable” people often say to me.  Well, contrary to what I thought, I’ve seen many ‘unkillables’ slain beyond recognition. But with a few guidelines, I am sure you’ll get it. Here we go with my favorite starter plant:

Chlorophytum comosum (commonly called ‘spider plant’)

There are over 200 varieties of Chorophytum but we can recognize the shape of the plant created by the many leaves coming out of the roots. Some varieties have a plain shade of green, others have white or even yellow stripes. They can fit in almost any environment and even suffer son neglect. Here are the specs:

Spider plants like
- a well drained soil, deep shade or indirect light (otherwise their color will fade),
- Moderate temperature (the usual temp in a room is enough but will not tolerate freezing temperatures),
- Moist soil, not soggy

- Fertilizer in the hot season once or twice a month. (they can go without)

- They don’t mind being a bit squeezed in their pots.

* If they get paler, take them away from the direct sun. It can burn them up.*

* they are non toxic for humans and pets This is great to know for the casual nibblers ! *

Give it a try!


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