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Easy plant - papyrus ( Cyperus papyrus)

Rédigé par Pascale Etienne


Publié le août 11 2021

This one is for the people who tend to overwater and drown their plants. You can’t overwater a papyrus. You just can’t.

Get a little bit of soil for the root ball, I like to add rocks or clay beads. Whenever I don’t see the water level, that’s a sign that there is not enough water (to me).

They like bright light to part shade. I put mine next to a window facing South-East so bright, but not intense light

We don’t seem to know for sure if it is toxic. I know one of my cats used to nibble on it from time to time but since I found no authority officially declaring it non-toxic, so I will not say if it is toxic or not. Be cautious.

Cut the dead parts of leaves and dead leaves/stems.

If you see sings of   discoloration on the stems and the leaves, cut them out and treat the plant with a little bit of neem mix or a homemade spray that gets rid of possible fungi. I prefer a mix of baking soda. Other than that,  they are not really difficult. Water to your heart’s content.


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