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Aloe Vera

Rédigé par Pascale Etienne


Publié le août 16 2021

I will talk about the most commonly known aloe  but there are over hundreds of varieties around the world .

I would not consider the Aloe to be a beginner plant. Sure, under some circumstances, it is possible to forget your aloe for more than a month, but it is very easy to burn or drown it. What does the aloe need to thrive?

Growing Aloe Vera indoor requires well draining soil. Mix regular soil in equal parts with builder sand (finer sand will make the soil too compact). If you use regular soil and water the plant as you would any other plant, there are chances the aloe will drown and rot from the inside. Remember that the aloe comes from very hot places on the planet where water can be a bit scarce. In a nutshell:

  • Well lit to a little bit of direct sun (I say this as someone living far from the equator. Winters are harsh and summer are getting more and more dry) My young aloe plants are in a brightly lit room and when I take them outdoor, they are in the shade or exposed to very little sun otherwise they tend to burn.
  • Well drained soil. If you are not keen on mixing your own soil, you can ask for a succulent type of soil at your closest garden supply store.
  • In the summer, every week. In the winter, scale it back to once every 2 weeks max.
  • Signs or overheating: color changing to a dark red, stiff leaves that look sucked out of their usual plumpness (ooh… that was rather poetic).** Take out of direct sun, water a little bit and wait 2 weeks before watering again.
  • Signs of rotting: the soil is always wet. Leaves are droopy. Yellowing of leaves. **Take out of soil, take out yellowing leaves, leave it in the shade to dry a couple of days. Change the soil entirely. Put the plant back in the soil. Water a tiny bit.

Happy Growing!


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